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I relax by writing. Saturday night, American Greed is on CNBC.

I have to write my profile. I have to run/jog.

I have to stop driving around in the Mercedes because I was lucky. MetLife and that ridiculous towing network exasperated it. It has been a tough day; law enforcement around here does that to me. Now I am waiting for BBB. That will be the name of my new stageplay: Waiting for BBB.

“The only thing that matters is my overall satisfaction,” I said at the meeting with Amir and Judi. I need to do a little research, Judi’s last name, etc. because she seems like an adversary. Obviously, she did not correct the problems. She dug in at the time. Amir’s email said nothing.

I was feeling great because I decided, if it is stressful I will cut them off and cancel my credit cards with BoA. I have had too many problems with them. It is weird now that I can better afford it. What is the difference between selfish, greedy, and narcissistic? I do not want to be narcissistic. I have choices in businesses, vendors, etc. If they are going to cause stress, it is better to avoid or replace them.

So that is what I need to do. Set up the printer permanently and start printing.

Susi too. The documents on narcissism.

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