America in 2023

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Just like Simon & Garfunkel, today I am writing about America. But I will be more specific: Americans.

Things to watch and read are Ethan Crumbley parents, , the Murdaugh Family, and Theresa Felton Cain . A name to remember is Morgan Doughty.

These are the worst times I have seen in my life and I am 63. Of course things are split between the haves and the have-nots. Some of the haves want more; some of the have-nots cannot survive.

The first is about “the character of the Crumbleys” and “a pound of flesh.” I lived and went to high school and college, where I studied psychology and anthropology, in Michigan. I understand it a little.

Living in a small house in Oakland, MI during Covid and winter while married with kids and trying to make a living is hard. I could never do it. Instead I am sitting here in Colorado receiving checks rather than writing them.

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