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Note: This has been started and tried about a hundred times. The objective is a concise version.

I am going to start with three lessons from the Pam Hupp crimes.

  1. – “Faith in the justice system and authority figures… There is no faith anymore.” They blame innocent people trying to help them.
  2. “There’s a term for it, it’s called gaslighting… supremely arrogant.”
  3. There is a third and even fourth video (most newswriting has been turned into videos). At the moment they elude me. Perhaps it has to do with the conclusion for the Farias, a $2 million color of law victory. The third one is the wiki post: It is either “gross negligence or “calculated criminal behavior””.


from this blog, 2012

The current sheriff has been with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department since before Ted Mink. These were the first two smoking guns. The third was a 2023 letter from Carla Zinanti, longtime Animal Control director.

This is the year things came to a head and Mr. Mink cracked.

It is an indication of how the department works and why they cannot hire properly.



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