Writing and Berliner

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I had a had time finishing. I skimmed the last 10-12 paragraphs. It is interesting contains tidbits worth learning from an experienced and knowledgeable veteran of NPR. My government commissioner is a veteran of NPR! Just thought I’d throw that in.

It is well written, more so than 90% of what you read online. It is not perfect–I don’t think I missed anything major in the last dozen or so paragraphs. It seemed a little like ranting at that point.

I clicked on the Washington Post Hunter Biden link and didn’t quite see the laptop conclusions he reached. That makes me a little suspicious, and his survey/demographic findings are a little iffy too. So I’m thinking maybe he could have made his point better. I agree that NPR has really slipped in terms of useful knowledge.

The only real reason he gives for it other than a bad ceo is endless diversity training. That I agree with can be overdone, particularly if there isn’t a severe problem.

The CEO with the nefarious agenda who wouldn’t meet with him is gone. Maybe he thought that would save him. He was suspended but not fired. So he quit. There are worse things.

(This was a diversion, albeit not particularly worthwhile one. Today I found out by email my mother died and that my brother isn’t going be very helpful.)