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It goes back to 2004 and the kennel but I haven’t found the document I am looking for. For now it jumps to 2012, but I cannot find the full Ted Mink Story from that period either–it points to the First Amendment, if I ever need that as a weapon.


The story has come a long way. Fast forward to today and this:

I always knew the history and my documents would tell the story. That means consolidating everything from lots of old computers and about 10tb of data. That is a harder task than you might think. It is reassuring to know it is there. But I am starting to find things, including those mentioned above. Often the ones I think are just a partial draft are the real thing. And I have learned to export a Libre Office odt file as a pdf so I can upload it here.

It took effort and resolve to finally open my briefcase though. I think it has been nine years. It sat next to my desk for weeks before I am now in the right frame of mind and can muster the courage. It is something that will take more than a few minutes.

The printout of “Ted Mink’s Problem” is dated 1/10/2013. The false arrest (summons including felony charges) was 10/28/12. The day of the “You can’t” (call when in danger at the park) from Liebe and pal is 10/7/12. Those are the two smoking guns, but the history, the pattern, and the trail tell the whole story. From there, I can infer the sources and the reasons.

The one above, I used to write what I called columns for my website–separate files using html. It was a cumbersome process and WordPress is a thousand times better. I think the old way, not to mention typewriters, forces the writer to pay more attention. That is something the writer has to adjust to. My blank, white, completely formatted WordPress page is unbelievably fast and easy to see and use.

RE About Writing -Col3, it is succinct and the writing isn’t bad, but it is vague for readers. For me, and I may be the only one, it is very useful as a placeholder. At the time I was a marketer and it appears I was thinking like one; a reference to the 4 P’s is not one I would make today. Community involvement also isn’t something I would reference today without an explanation–it is faint to begin with and then suppressed by the local government; the state, which is locally accessible in Denver, is generally more responsive.

What I remembered about these incidents from 2004 is the obscene behavior of the deputy and the internal affairs person and that is documented. Bumgarner was rapidly promoted and could have been called Ted Mink’s right hand man. Jeff Shrader was patrol chief under Ted Mink then became an automatically-elected, long-term, Republican Sheriff in then-red Jefferson County. Current Sheriff Democrat Regina Marinelli was soundly elected, probably with the coattails of Gov. Polis and Commissioner Dahlkemper. Clearly Sheriff Marinelli matriculated under Ted Mink (my arrival in Colorado and attention to these matters) and before.

Other live and current reactions to the column are, while not an expert and it is never-ending, now I do know the law with respect to these matters. Now I have much better insight into how and what information pertains to a legal challenge. After that, the key in Colorado is Senate Bill 20-217 because that is a gamechanger.

The beautiful Zero Halliburton aluminum briefcase is now completely empty. It is time to deal with all the documents. I even found the old, engraved money clip I was looking for.

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