The Spring Game

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Blogger/blogspot won’t work ( But now I can log out (that is fixed). Its Google and I have had it for about 20 years, so it will probably work soon.

Surprisingly I enjoy listening to the game. There isn’t a lot of live or game-day information on it and that is probably a good thing. Every team does it and they are just a public practice. Don’t read too much from them.

That youtube link is weird in that you cannot download it. So I was looking for a full video, can’t find one, but hit on what I hoped was a live or new Reddit thread. I don’t want to touch mgoblog message board (the place for news) until I make up my own mind. Per Reddit, “What is the point of the Spring Game?” The answer is a chance to hear the names of the players still around and other new ones who are good enough or have enough potential to make the field. If watching the video it will only look amateurish with the empty stands and identical uniforms on both sides. The audio works well.

They’ve been talking about Davis Warren for a while now. 17-7 6:00 left in the fourth quarter. It is hard to tell the quarter–save for the big clock on the screen and stats and stuff are of no interest, as is the score. Maize is leading Blue. They said he (Warren) “rifled” one for a TD. That is good news because the passing game aside from Colston Loveland is a question mark.

My prediction was Jack Tuttle. Alex Orji, Jayden Denegal and Jadyn Davis seem to be the names with Warren.

Pig Harbaugh, the guy who abandoned his team and alma mater, left a decent good team behind.

Donovan Edwards created som Wow in the beginning. Fredrick Moore made a play. Chesson, there’s a finding! Jehu Chesson’s brother added as a graduate transfer. Four Michigan receivers are in the portal. They keep saying Jyaire Hill as the other cb and I’m learning spelling. Orji running; that is not a surprise. Orji and Warren are playing a lot.

Losing the entire offensive line could hurt; who knows, all these guys have been around forever and are top recruits. They are definitely going to miss Roman Wilson, Cornelious Johnson and the passing of J.J. McCarthy.

Now they’re saying Orji “not bad” as a passer. Denegal, pause, pause means not good. Warren pointing they say. Freshman Davis another pause and no comment.

Remember Pig Harbaugh? He inherited a good team and then found Jake Ruddock as an immediate grad transfer to make it an excellent team. Such a portal move was still rare nine years ago. Then he he and the team made do–improved a lot–with the eventual baby Cade McNamara at the helm. Finally, Harbaugh recruited and groomed McCarthy for a national championship.

Quarterback is key. I was able to download some youtube videos; I’m curious if Orji looks better and capable all-around.

There are a number of new names. But again, they’re all via Harbaugh.

Will Sherrone Moore be just another Juwan Howard, meaning he does well with what he inherited but he cannot do it himself?

The Braves are on. Live, with HD video. You can’t miss them right from the beginning. I must pay attention when Ronald Acuna (jr with squiggly line) is on the screen or mentioned. He stole third! Marcell Ozuna is one of the best hitters in baseball right now. Bases loaded and no score. Maybe next inning.

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