Kouri Richins Revisited

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282 Willow Court in Kamas, Utah is a million dollar house many people would not want to live in. I would not want to live there. It is a weird place, with the full basketball court crammed into the backyard, the soccer goal, the dog kennels and all the stonework representing C&S Stone Masonry. The fences and stones are right against the property lines, as are the garages.

Nothing, not the pines, aspen, or green grass grows naturally. It is sagebrush country. How and why the home prices are rising so fast is a mystery. 279 Willow Court sold less than five years ago for $560,000 and is now worth almost a million too. The homes don’t have large lots and there is nothing from stopping the open space from development.

So often these stories begin with a montage about a perfect situation. It is not an idyllic or perfect place at all. The families are not like that either. Overriding it all is this feeling that you are supposed to fit in.

I feel as if I have done this before.

Summit County (Park City) is one of or the least Mormon counties in Utah but the population is only 43,000. The LDS church in Kamas is a large and imposing building with a giant parking lot. You cannot see it in the many pictures of the Richins house, but it is just beyond one of the neighborhoods or yet to be developed fields. While it was always scrub or wasteland, now it is ultra developed.

There is another huge building in Kamas called the Richins Building. Eric Richins’ family is large and well-known in the area. Their 160-acre homestead settled in the 1860’s is nearby.

It is the gateway to Utah and Salt Lake City. That is what Summit County and Echo Pass is known for.

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In the 1860s we jumped the pond to America and landed in Utah. From there we worked our way south to Arizona, New Mexico, and Mexico.