Jeffrey Epstein

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Virginia Roberts Giuffre was already abused by a neighbor, a runaway, and very vunerable. Then it all happened—Epstein took her in—and it got worse. She was sent to Thailand to become a better masseuse and recruit for him, but she left with a man soon to be her husband and father to three kids in Australia.

Not Murdoch but Maxwell. In between were Murdoch and Maxwell, his girlfriend.

Hers is the best video, even though she was called a “serial liar.” That particular filing was removed, the sentence about Dershowitz. The rest of her story, a lot of her story, is true.

Julie K. Brown and others at the Miami Herald persevered and broke it. Lawsuits finally hit home: victims, civil suits and more evidence (as well as settlements), and the U.S. Attorney settlement was thrown out.

The arrest was pretty fast. This time he will stay in jail.

It is a lot like Raniere and others—remember what we have learned, aside from the atrocious behavior by Palm Beach County and the USDA there, when the feds make an arrest and seizure they have a very strong case.

Epstein goes back a long way with bad actors. Who was it, Steven Hoffenberg or Scott Rothstein?

Did he care about the girls? The women were under 18.

Jeffrey Epstein is a an extreme, probably malignant, narcissist. Friends? He had no friends. Girlfriends? They were not girlfriends. The 2003 Vanity Fair piece is an excellent look into his personality. Never close to anyone. Everything is a mystery or facade. He is smart and can read people.

Narcissism. Combine it with alcoholism or addiction and it is worse. Greed and narcissism is a terrible combination too. Throw in power, jetsetting, and much more and that should be a lesson.

R Kelly is another. Do they care about the girls and women? That is what distinguishes it. It is not about what is there, it is about what is not there: empathy.

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