My Questions Submitted to the Evergreen Candidates Forum

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1. For Cheri Gerou

Why don’t you return phone calls or e-mail from constituents? Some time ago I contacted you regarding a pressing wildlife law issue; a bill had recently passed and I was seeking information on your thoughts on and participation in the matter. I received no word whatsoever.

This is completely unlike your predecessor, with whom I had several useful discussions for both of us. Seeing you running unopposed makes me think this arrogance will become even worse.

2. For Kathy Hartman AND Don Rosier

What authority or influence does a Jefferson County Commissioner have in hiring and firing of county employees? How does a resident complain and/or affect this process?

3. For Kathy Hartman

I am fine with having my name associated with this because much of this is documented on my websites–I am Peter Pfeiffer, live in Evergreen, and am disgusted. Basically, my complaint has to do with services not being provided to homeowners in Evergreen, services that are required by law. Currently, two specific examples are zoning and building violation enforcement and failure to enforce noxious weed statutes. For some three months efforts to resolve the situation with Jefferson County employees has been completely pointless; put another way, it has been frustrating beyond description. Some of these failures are actually revenue opportunities for the county. I would appreciate it if Ms. Hartman would address this wide-ranging issue.

4. For Don Rosier

I am curious why you do not respond to voters contacting you. I tried and received no word back whatsoever. Put another way, if elected, how available will you be to residents? Also, please discuss your qualifications, particularly with respect to law, administration, management, marketing, and finance in a large organizational or public environment.

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