Here the People Don’t Rule–Yet

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This may take me a couple of posts to fully explain, but I think I have it pretty well figured out.  It is about immaturity.  This is immaturity in terms of a place (culture).  It is on a number of levels and has a number of manifestations.  It IS something that should be exposed and corrected.

Most everything starts and or ends with a person or people.  Organizations don’t act illegally or unethically or stupidly, people do.  Some not so fun facts include:

  • *  Russ T. Campbell, 73, Evergreen, CO is bad news.   There was an “Evergreen Candidates Forum” on Tuesday October 5, 2010 that he helped organize.  His completely uncontained, unrestrained ego helped turn the event into, well, I don’t know what to call it.  “Disaster” is too strong.  Let’s just say that Mr. Campbell is personally responsible for serious problems.
  • *  The Evergreen/Conifer chapter of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (Melanie Nuchols/Ben Jackson) is exposed.  Resigning and then staying on for two months (Nuchols) is not a sign of strength.  “Michelle,” in the office is a liability.  The people who work at this chapter simply didn’t do their due diligence; put in business terms instead, they exposed their incompetence.
  • *  The Canyon Courier, Evergreen, CO, and Doug Bell, editor.  What can you say about a small town publication with a circulation of less than 7,000?  Having them involved with what could have been a major political debate smacks of trouble.  This organization–its people–refuse to stand up and be a strong and reliable journalistic source.
  • *  Finally, there is the EPRD (Evergreen Park & Recreation District) and poor Brad Bednar.  Mr. Bednar appears friendly and competent.  His people, e. g., Lorna Bleck,  let him down.

The bottom line?  It is all about organization and management, preparation, documentation, communication, attention to detail, oversight, honesty and integrity, and on and on and on.  “Who are you?,”  Russ T. Campbell (virtually) screamed into the phone.  I am someone who believes these things can and should be corrected. I believe we can do better.

An opposing view (to the way the forum was handled):

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