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Stunning. I remember a scene in the movie Vision Quest. And I sit here in my little room and watch… Thanks to those people who want to do the right thing. Some can only observe or be grateful in their own way. Others do what they can, also in their own way.

More importantly, I am reminded of the quote from somewhere: If you have the opportunity to do great things, take it. I’m sure it has been said in a lot of different ways.

Meghan Markle appears unspectacular to me–she is a former actress, divorced once, grew up in a middle class (predominantly black) area of L.A., and she obtained a degree from Northwestern in theater and international studies. Markle has also worked in fashion , merchandising, and marketing. She met Prince Harry on a blind date set up by acquaintances.

Perhaps it is a bad vice. For now I am addicted to on my smartphone and there are constant blurbs about Megxit. One was Prince William saying he always put his arm around his brother but he cannot do it anymore; true or not, I don’t know.

Letting down others, your country, and failing to live up to expectations is one way to look at it. Abdicating on a an opportunity for greatness is another.

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