Dulos, part 2

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There is more work to be done. The videos.

There is also the interview on Dateline. Finally, there is the one with Norm Pattis by the judge.

“That of course is laughable. There is no documentation.”

Start with Dateline. It begins around 35:00. Everything so far has been a lie. She is alive. She is a good mother. The “divorce was going to be amicable.”

“Didn’t even really argue all those years.” It is all nonsense.

“I would lie to you if I told you that I didn’t have a very nice life. I was with somebody that I was completely enamored with.”

“The divorce was… and I couldn’t wait for it to be over with.” He was the one holding it up. He was going to get the short straw in custody. He was the one having serious financial problems without her family’s money.

“Gave them my phone. Willingly.” (Virtually) every sentence is a lie. Is that you’re phone? I think we’ll keep it. It was not voluntary.

Please end! “Nothing that I didn’t want them to have.” Sure, that is why you spent the day cleaning and throwing things away in 30 different waste stops after the murder.

It is tedious and hard to get through; every sentence. “… I wish she were here, to sort this mess out. And I am still hoping that she is goin’ to show up. “

It is victim bashing, or at least it is watered-down to victim blaming. First get this out of the way: he has an unusual confidence in his ability to look into a camera or make eye contact and lie. His appearance may be anything from OK to handsome; he is confident and potentially charming.

But more to the immediate point, he blames others. His entire lifestyle and narcissism caused the situation he is in.

Finally. “Maybe not at my door, but at some door.”

He is delusional. He can justify or rationalize anything. Now that behavior is his criminal defense. They have a lot of evidence.

#2 the video above.

It is dated July; Dateline was September.

One quick other video firstI lied, but only for a minute. Interesting… I believe Gloria Farber paid it off and now, while still evicted, he owes her.

I really did mean to finish this. Maybe someday I will, particularly Pattis. What I was getting at above, and I became sort of sidetracked by the Fore Group videos, is I don’t think he was a good marketer. He certainly did not sell himself well in the interviews either.

His developments are just chopped-out pieces of forest with gigantic homes placed on them. At one point, through sheer collusion, he became somewhat of a local celebrity, but as we saw that ended very quickly and dramatically. Without that, who needs his overpriced houses? As has recently been divulged, his sister is an architect and helped with the Fore Group. He would pretend to be a big shot, and use, anyone.

His last words are the end in terms of first person Fotis. I think sometimes you see last notes to people or others that can be characterized as suicide notes. I think this one was left on the car seat. It is obviously last words and a suicide not and it is about himself.

Ms. Anna Curry… If you’ve got it, why not? It is just money and it has been a very kind stock market. I wonder if she gets it back now that he is dead?

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