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I had never heard of him until a friend gave me a copy of the Canyon Courier.  Great campaign, huh?

So I looked at his website and even wrote him–more on this another time, but I REALLY believe local politicians should be available and responsive to residents.  His is one of the worst political websites I have seen.  No wonder:  no experience, no relevant education, no knowledge of local issues, and…  no campaign marketing.  Oh, no address or phone number too.

So I wrote:

Mr. Rosier,
I don’t know if I support you or not in the election, but I wanted to speak with you about a major, major Jeffco issue–basically it revolves around critical services not being provided, thus dramatically affecting neighborhoods and property values.  On the whole, county regulations (i.e., local government) conflict with or fail to provide services required/guaranteed by law.  Two of many potential examples are zoning/building and noxious weeds; those are the two I have recently tried to correct/enforce and I suspect there are many others.  With respect to building and zoning issues/violations this is clearly a revenue opportunity for the county.
I have contacted Ms. Hartman along with numerous other county employees/elected officials.  Not only has nothing happened but I am beginning to characterize the response as “retaliation.”  This past Friday, after months of contacts and investigation, I uncovered the “smoking gun”–a county official blatantly lying to me about responsibilities required by law.
Next week I anticipate, as a last resort and final solution, beginning legal proceedings.  I will start by asking the county and state attorneys general to investigate and prosecute.
FYI, Ms. Hartman is remarkable in terms of her accessibility to local residents–she is responsive in e-mail, returns calls (previously) promptly, and provides several phone numbers (including cellular) to residents and voters.  I am disappointed that your website provides no phone number or live/immediate contact option.  This lowers my first impression of your website and campaign.
Anyway, I believe this is by far the most important election issue.  I prefer not to “ambush” anyone or (at first) bring this up in a public forum but I absolutely believe this is going to be brought to a fore in the coming weeks.  I hope at some point it will be openly debated.
Again, I had hoped to speak with you today.


Finally, no reply.  Put it this way:  If I were running for Jefferson County commissioner I would be working on Sunday.  I would also communicate promptly with voters, especially one with such a valuable tip.

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