FAA vs. Walmart

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“As FAA continues to implement new NextGen procedures across the country, community opposition has presented a significant hurdle for the agency’s plans. Several ongoing and recently decided lawsuits challenge FAA’s procedures as not properly considering community concerns before adopting new flight patterns. Congress remains concerned as well, as evidenced by recent Congressional action that attached a rider to the defense authorization bill requiring FAA to consult with local communities before implementing NextGen flight patterns. In addition, in two recent audits, the Department of Transportation, Office of the Inspector General has criticized FAA for its failure to implement a comprehensive approach to NextGen implementation. FAA has taken a number of steps to improve community outreach and engagement, but it remains to be seen how well they will work to satisfy airport and community needs and expectations. For further information, please contact…”

That is the best summary I’ve seen.  Every email.  Every house or business.  There’s no question you can sue and the lawyers are going to make a fortune.  It is going to be a nightmare and I don’t think they’re ready to handle it–the FAA, that is.

He said “I applaud your efforts” twice.

Pink parking lots at Walmart?  FAA similar to the NCAA?  It doesn’t matter.

Fifteen between 8:30 and 9:30 “Sounds about right.”  No, that is not going to change.

It was a very quick response, through the ombudsman.  That he is from “Health & Safety” is interesting because that was before my revelation of “shaking house” and “headaches.”

It is awfully scary because it is a little like deer and elk.  Uh oh, another analogy or simile.  Crab antics can refer to a bunch of crabs in a barrel.  The only way they can get out is to climb on each other’s backs.  So the deer and elk, if you put up a fence or push them away, where will they go?  Someone else will be worse off.

Evergreen is an unusual place and it is bizarre how, wherever you go in the metro area approaching 3 million, people know it.  Someone connected probably lives here.  Someone went skating–or shot an elk–when they were a kid.  Yet it is tiny and it hasn’t changed that much.  The traffic is twice as heavy as, you name the date.  But it hasn’t changed that much because of the mountains.

And most of it is about as permanent as you can get.  It is surrounded by park land or open space.  The land owned by Jefferson County and the County and City of Denver must be in the billions in terms of dollars.  The point here is there could be some really simple solutions to divert the flights.

“Reverberation” was his word.  It is maybe twice as loud because of the reverberation.  Noise at altitude may be a bit trickier…

As for the individuals in Evergreen–the gentleman with the FAA stopped me cold and agreed when I said there is no community here–we’ll see.  The realtor who I spoke with over the weekend disappeared; she said it was a revelation and she was going to go Google immediately but I never heard from her.

That’s the point–we’ll see what it brings out in, whoever.