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The webtrak flight thingy is here.  It is a little discriminatory and noninclusive given the exercise you have to go through to make a complaint–it is the complaint process; even with a large screen and desktop computer it took me two browsers and a lot of resizing to get it to work.  There are glitches with real time but it does work historically.  There is obviously a big gap in coverage and monitoring going southwest because of…  the rocky mountains.  My guess is it is as much as 50% underreported in north Evergreen.  Covers only DIA blah, blah, blah.  The FAA covers the whole sky.  Anyway, the only thing it seems to show is this one pathway super-highway of flights.  Note that the noise monitors–the purpose for the system–are nowhere to be seen in the southwest part of the map.

constant airplanes