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Must write eBay part 3.  Interesting, this original note to the seller does not divulge the product; you had to be there.  In the meantime:

I’m not one to rate sellers or come here for social interaction, for some reason this just struck me and…

This is one of those things I don’t know why people are selling* and I can only thank eBay for making it possible. These things are so cool. Arrived in 2 days. I have bought maybe 100 cables, connectors, light bulbs etc. from, usually, China. One or two really crummy items, but never, ever a problem. Correction, a few times, absolute and immediate solution per the eBay way. Anyway, these were here in a couple of days.

Really cool product, works great. I’ll keep you informed on performance… Just kidding. I’m going to buy more. I hope you are small enough to realize the same buyer and at least save $$$ on shipping. If I order a bunch and you throw in a free one–no dickering here because you need to make something–you will make my day!

And the light, I’m going to use them to illuminate my front walk. Kidding again.

More clues…  It is a package of 5.  Sent Monday from NY arrived Wednesday in Colorado.  Perfect label and package and bigger and better than expected.  Total price, $4.11.

Last hint:  no, they are not Viagra pills.

*  I can kind of understand $1/free shipping items from China–it must be subsidized and is maybe it is not great way to grow the economy long term–but I don’t really know why people in the U.S. do it.  This had to be around $3 postage, plus a shipping envelope and label, and the product(s).  I admit, I did do it myself at one time–great deals on computer monitors!–mostly to learn the system.