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sad, the woman

Little Saigon neighborhood of Westminster and Garden Grove

So the three of them have been living in a Mazda Miata…  Wow.  Try to find a car in L.A.

The one, the castration guy, has been held for almost a year and a half with no bail or trial?


Next story.

Boy oh boy oh boy.

Constables in Pennsylvania.

First, I think it is another one of those stories where everyone knew.  And it wasn’t even an emergency–an eviction notice.  This man was known to have some problems.

I think it shows poor judgement by the constable.  Drop the eviction notice and run.

More.  Prosecutors shouldn’t just list/charge everything and hope something will stick.  I think murder is too much.  The constable is distraught because he (too) acted wrongly.

Stop with the lethal force.

I couldn’t find much on the family.  The mother was there too.  What really was going on?