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Dateline NBC is so well done. The Black Candle Confession. There are things left out, like the fact that the detective lied and bluffed about having DNA evidence. They come off as sleazy even though they stand for and were doing the right thing.

Iowa. They seem to have a disproportionate number of psycho killers. They also have these little newspapers (still) that write about them.

The link from the Muscatine Journal finally put it all together.

The D.A. is not real admirable either. I mean, the whole department is kind of backward and incompetent. It was a weak and poorly put-together case. But they weren’t on trial and they got it to stick. He had the courage and worked for it.

And then there is Corey Weineke himself. He is living with and outwardly, publicly, they-both-say-it engaged to one woman. He is 22 and about to drive the mother of his child home after he closed the bar at 2 am. In the meantime another woman he is having a public, frequently sexual affair with is passed out drunk in the back of his Cadillac. She, the third woman who was 29 with a 10-year old daughter, would beat him to death the next day.

It is a pretty “good” crime, I suppose. Who would think a small woman could do such a thing to the center for the football team?

Convicted. Murderer, and a liar for 25 years about it. The end.

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