Consumer this, consumer that

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I am a prophet sent by Jesus and yes I can see angels and devils.  Just kidding.

The other day I was at the DMV–there’s still a nice, really small office here in Evergreen.  When they wanted to charge me $109 for a 10-day temporary tag, just so I could then proceed to a diesel emissions test and VIN verification, I balked.  It was sustained enough to take about fifteen minutes, involve the manager, and stop most of the office’s functioning.

“I am a consumer and I have choices!” I declared.  Besides, South Carolina only requires one license plate, and it is better looking.  There’s no diesel test either.

Evergreen really is a cool place!  I can still live in Evergreen but at the same time rid myself of Jefferson County.  The slam of the door on the way out will be loud.

Images, recordings, video, email, texts.  Chat rooms, Facebook, online courts, and the list goes on and on.  It is the best time ever to be a consumer or just an individual.