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Still, many of Trump’s key economic policy pledges remain works in progress.

The House voted Thursday to repeal many of the stricter Dodd-Frank regulations enacted after the 2008 financial crisis, but the legislation faces major hurdles in the Senate because of united Democratic opposition.

The Trump administration this past week unveiled a broad blueprint for a national rebuilding effort and promised that its fuller, still-to-come infrastructure plan will create $1 trillion in investment.

But White House aides said that it will be year’s end before Trump sends Congress even the general principles for achieving that investment, and they offered no timeline for submitting an actual bill.

And in April, Trump unveiled the centerpiece of his economic strategy: a sweeping tax overhaul plan that he promised would include the “one of the biggest tax cuts in American history.”

But it came in the form of a one-page outline that included only a broad-brush overview of bold goals, and nearly two months later, there’s still no word on when a more fully baked policy proposal might be released.


I’m starting to dislike Trump.  It is not presidential.  What’s more, it is not that great, not your doing, and there are few signs it will last.

Calling the former FBI director cowardly isn’t right either.  There shouldn’t be a need for private meetings and secret deals because the country is too big and you can’t do that with everyone and forever.  There’s too much nepotism and cronyism.  Lots of people are out to get him and Trump is heading toward a fall.

Trump seems to be spending more time arguing and defending himself than serving the people.  As for the economy.

As for the stock market specifically, it looks to be almost certain that one of Trump’s catastrophes will turn into something real, major, and lingering.