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Better than ploughing the driveway.

“In fact a pretty boring predictable performance.”  That doesn’t have a verb.  Or a subject.

“I don’t think she’s pretty or attractive as much as she does.”  You can kind of tell what he or she (guil) means but…

Yes, if he had just continued to wear the handcuffs everything would have been fine.  Watch out for spoilers!

I watched it.  I wasn’t exactly paying attention, but I don’t remember this part:

As were soon to find out Suzanne has it in for Michael in what he did to her baby sister Ariel, Allison Busner, some five years ago in San Francisco by in walking out on her that drove Ariel to kill herself.

Friends at work wonder how Rozon can “keep it at half mast.”  What?

Spoiler:  now I know that she shoots herself in the end.  I missed that part too.