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This playing field is GSM unlocked 4G and 5G. The contestants are:


US Mobile

Boost Mobile

This is just the final stage, Saturday 11/5/22. The background is, while I thought I had myself covered with 2 modern smartphones and a high data plan hotspot, service has been virtually out this week at my home.

US Mobile logs in at 23Mbps 5G phone with hotspot. Full bars coverage.

This is good but not great speed and if you use multiple devices on a network you need 5G. They are very tricky on the sign-up: free trial doesn’t apply (promotion is Verizon only but they do have 7-day money back with limited use), a charge for hotspot, and fees for something 2-3 times higher than taxes. But, they’re the same better-than-T-Mobile clone. They’ll send out a free SIM and online sign-up is easy. Price: $31 for 18gb. That is medium cheap/expensive. Unlimited minutes and texts. The difference is in the flexibility, website, and service when needed.

Boost Mobile Alcatel Hotspot

This is a device they were selling through an easy process on their website for $0. I tried to buy one and the system apparently rejected a sale that wasn’t a sale at all. Then the price went up to $1 and I snatched-up another one. Earlier I bought one for $50 and I’m not complaining although it had some on/off or charging problem.

Earlier the speed was 23Mbps and I stared at it for a while. Now, I get 22, and I am happy–35gb/month 5G hotspot for $0. I get it for free through a grandfathered government program; normally they charge $50 and I would pay that if I had to; that is the decision I made when I decided to remove wired broadband completely. Btw, it is the exact same T-Mobile network.

That’s a keeper. Thank God their telephone representatives wherever they are in the world cannot track me to my home. It goes beyond global ambitions dirt-cheap labor practices. I have learned some things in this that will help me deal with that.

Tello 4G and 5G Phones

Tello logs in with 1.3Mbps 4G speed, 1gb data, and 300 minutes for $10 a month. It is a Rokit I/O Pro (the 3-D phone). All speed tests are done at

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