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So let’s change the subject.  Allison Mack.  That is not a change at all.

What is not written in posts far below.  She appeared to have it all.  No, that is not the case.  She is awfully screwed-up and that did not happen recently.

But that she wanted his seed, that is a titillating and fairly worn motive.  I remember the woman who thought enough of Cary Grant and her prospects that she sat upside-down in a chair and also wrote a book about it.  It is an excellent book and it was about more than just that.

There is something positive to the Raniere and friends prison influx.  I got some movie ideas by googling Nicki Clyne.  Here is one where she is cast as Guitar Player.

First, my two cents.  She is scared shitless and for very good reason.  The bravado about chasing police cars and volunteering to go to prison is over.  Her life, as she knew it, is over.  It is not baseball, or hardball, or even being hit by a boulder.  It is give us much more or we are not going to budge.

Reading about the Bronfman family history is no fun at all.  Canada, or Russia, will you take them back?  But I digress.

What is going to happen?  There are going to be people saying it is way too harsh for that poor girl.  Others will say she must be related to Charles Manson.

First she must do something to take life in prison off the table.  Then, whittling down the 15 years will be all about more, more, more.

Raniere, the great leader, may as well have it cut off with a meat cleaver.  You’re on your own, baby, and you’re talking about getting it reduced to maybe 5 or 10 years and that is the absolute best that is going to happen.  Tweet, tweet, tweet (sings the canary).

For Keith Raniere, 57, perhaps the public defender will get him to confess.

As for Allison Mack, someone is likely to tell her:  ‘Look.  We’re getting to the point where we’re past shutting it down to tearing it apart and salvage mode.  Are you with us or not?’

For all those suitors out there, Clare Bronfman is still a feisty 39.  You’d better hurry.  Nancy Saltzman, on the other hand, is probably far less desirable and much more vulnerable.

Even the neighbors saw it.  You can’t say you didn’t know these lunatics were walking around at 4 A.M.

Now, on to the movies.  I’ve never seen Smallville.