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“Court documents reveal more than a dozen people said they knew or had even seen evidence of the crimes.”  Can’t help it.  It was today’s news on Wapo.

Joseph DeAngelo was the story yesterday.  Divorced, loner, daughter living with him (no husband or home of her own), as well as a 15-year old daughter.  Moved from New York, GED, stepfather, Viet Nam, policeman.

I can’t help this either – I like to look at pictures of people’s houses online.    From an $80,000 house in Tennessee, to 17 acres in Maine, to Allison Mack’s parents house, it says so much about them.  You can see inside the mansions or the rural homes in towns no one ever heard of.  It is not as if I stood out front and snapped pictures.  Others have already done that –a bunch of people running around in FBI jackets doesn’t hurt– and Google will provide satellite images too.

But the subdevelopments in California really stand out.  The Turpins.  DeAngelo.  Locked gates and neighbors who heard them arrive home or the swearing.

In the EAR case there were so many clues.  Rancho Cordova, I know it now, was one.