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I am a happy person because I don’t have any secrets.  And I don’t have too many problems, at least none that I cannot write about or think about or do something about and resolve.  I fully plan to, and I am well on my way to succeeding, not leaving a trail of anyone who is mentally crippled, in jail, or worse.

Who is the latest one?  The Waffle House shooter is the latest one.  Let’s forget about guns for a minute.  There are really angry people out there.  Some are so dissatisfied they are willing to kill themselves and take innocent people with them.  A lot of others are really angry at the government, their ex, or something or someone far less identifiable.

My belief (or at least guess) is that in 9 out of 10 cases the problem started with the parents.  It is a lifelong task; I, “approaching” 60, only now think I am truly capable of being a parent.  Also, as an adult son or daughter, it is your responsibility to be your own person and deal with it in an appropriate way.  I cannot stress that enough:  You cannot say stop blaming others unless you stop blaming others.

I am not an angry person.  I do not want to be an angry person.  What is just below marked “definitely Private” makes me angry.

In the U.S. there are two big problems and if they don’t converge we are at least going to see more of them.  They are that more people are going to be old and broke and a lot of people prefer a life of opioids or other drugs to just about anything.