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When it first broke I was wondering, lots going on, but why sex trafficking?  Frank Report did a little series on likely crimes and even he (19-count indictment) mentioned it way back in February.

There will be more very soon and perhaps for a while because he will appear in court.  They will request bail and it will be denied. – I wanted to see the blog at one point.

  • S 1589, 1591

Those laws are extremely straightforward and simple.  They are very, very strong.  The Raneire allegations are precisely those contained in numerous statues.  It is almost as if the whole thing was designed to break these and many other laws.  The chance of a lifetime sentence is real.

Colonie, NY

Frank Report outlets have covered a ton, including young women from Mexico and who lives in what townhouse.  Why else would anyone go to Colonie, New York?