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You have to be really bored to read this.  I was interested.  I got through about a third.

Nancy Salzman, I think, ran the patent office.  It normally has to do with something new, or beneficial enough to warrant a technical description that makes it unique.  This person claims to have at least…  The number is greater than one.

Earlier when the guy tried to sue people over his bedroom secrets/corporations there was something about psychology.  His was a patent on psychology.  Or maybe it was a pending patent.  Regardless, it was a concoction, fallacy, and all the rest nonetheless.

It came up somewhere in testimony when The Van (short for vanguard) tried to say it was his idea.

“You can’t do that,” the judge said.  Beware because he will invent his own procedure too.  What he meant, and it worked as there was no more mention of it, was we aren’t even going to go there.

Shortly thereafter, either in court or in public, the faucets opened much wider.  Professionals, psychologists, and educators tore everything having to do with Nxivm and the boy genius apart full-throttle when they were published in the name of real science.

In this one, Clare was snickered.  That is no surprise, but it is interesting how or why it happened.

It was not a complaint for patent infringement at all because it never got that far.  First you have to prove you own the patent and he could not even do that.

Documents, where are the documents, the judge said over and over in just the beginning.  You can skip the rest and read the news now, or the next day, as it were.  $1 million fine plus of course your own efforts.

Your own public embarrassment aside, this was a voluntary look into the scam persona.  We never even got to see the patent on speaking.  Or the one for sign language.  It is genius to write such things (the patent applications).