The stock market

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Let’s change the subject.  Now is a good time to buy stock market mutual funds.  Nobody gives three rats’ asses about a trade war with China unless they are selling $1 plastic light bulbs that don’t work.  It is as dumb and pointless as Russia expelling the whole Western world and you cannot say for a second that even Trunp is smart enough to say this (stock crash) was not expected.  Whew.

Steel is heavy and dirty and while we all love it economies have expanded.  Plastic, and oil, that’s where it’s at!  Who needs Chinese shale oil equipment anymore anyway.  We’ll learn ’em!

(I’m not an expert but stealing intellectual property, either the collective brain awareness on Facebook or serious technology or defense secrets, is wrong.  Maybe it is a dumb ship across the bow shot but this one makes a little sense to me.  Besides, Trump’s out to challenge North Korea on crazy.  Next he’ll get a big train (made of domestic steel).  The economy will survive.)

In other news Tad Cummins has decided to plead guilty to federal charges; then come state kidnapping charges and justice in the backward town/parents/school system.

I don’t know who is left back in the hometown for Tad to pack into the SUV.  Just don’t give him the keys.

Jennifer and Sarah Hart.  Nice way to start the day.  Geez.  One of the “kids” is 19.  One is 16, old is old enough to drive, one child is 15, and others are younger.  At first it was, why does this keep popping-up in real news.  So the car went off a cliff.

It wasn’t just a car — it was more like a 3-ton SUV with an 8-person family in it.  I swear I have seen it before on an episode of Banacek.  The tire tracks just disappear.

We can all thank Louise Turpin.