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Today we’re interviewing with FAA Ambassador Huerta.  It is being conducted by ultra-secret satellite hook-up.

MGOBLOGGING:  Ambassador, are you there?

MR. HUERTA:  You may call me Administrator.

MGOBLOGGING:  Yessir.  So what about this airplane noise?

HUERTA:  Airplane noise?  Did you know that in my home in New Jersey I was once torpedoed?

MGOBLOGGING:  I don’t follow.

HUERTA:  Torpedo.  As in submarine.

There is a point to this.  Huerta, former NYC transit executive has been through the wars; he is either aware and skilled at consumer relations or completely the opposite.

Probably the answer from him/them somewhere along the line is going to be ‘If they fly where they’re supposed to and we make the proper adjustments, noise will be (greatly) reduced.’

And that is indeed the crux of the problem with the FAA, “greatly” notwithstanding.  They don’t do a good job of policing the skies, if they try to, anyway.  And, doing it among a bunch of ego-driven pilots, airlines, and airports seems like a losing proposition.

Just repeat, this business of trying to decide who to harass and who not to with groups of community volunteers is completely retarded.


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