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The two things that I need to tell in order to finish the airplane noise story.


Thinklikeabeast is no fluke.  Aspen trees can be very hard to grow, but they do well here only if they are protected from deer and elk.  An aspen grove that is not regenerating is dying.  Left on their own that is almost certain to happen.

It took a number of years but my house is now surrounded by aspen.  It is a short season:  no matter how warm it is they will not “leaf out” until mid-May and the Fall can be anyone’s guess.  Certainly by late October the leaves will be pretty much gone but, if they are protected, they are whiter than any other trees including birch.  The inner bark is edible and why elk can be relentless.  Anyway, they’re awfully beautiful and distinctive in the Winter too.

I always wanted to live along the ocean (except for the falling off a cliff into the sea part).  The golf hole can’t survive without the aspen because the grass will not stay green with the dryness and direct sun.  But the aspen are like the ocean in the Summer.  They sound exactly like the ocean.

The airplane noise has completely axed that.

For many, many others I think the desire to be outside and noise-free is also there.  But that is my story.

Ms. Christensen at the airport said “DIA is the biggest economic driver in the state.”  Some people may argue it is the Rocky Mountains.


Salt Lake City

This is the part about the pilot who flew to Salt Lake City and sat the plane there in order to prove some kind of point.  I think it was over a United or even union or airport thing.  There’s a very arrogant and even thug aspect to aviation.  I’ll go fly a plane and prove how macho I am.  Or I’ll work in aviation because it is such an international and critical industry.  Maybe I’ll finish this part.


Well, three things.  Huerta.  He’s feeling it and he has made all kinds of statements about the noise.

“We are very concerned about doing everything we can do to be as responsible as we can about noise,” FAA Administrator Michael Huerta said


I have plenty of interviews and pieces of primary data.  One is an attorney for whom noise abatement would be a conflict of interest; another is an aviation attorney who said these issues are way over my head.  I think it was Bush 2nd who said ‘If you’re not with us you’re against us.’  You just can’t be pro disturbing people.

Selling my house?  I prefer not to live around people who don’t care.

At this point it is pretty obvious that the local governments and maybe even the state don’t care.

Sure I’ll sell my house and buy another one.  How do I know they’re not going to do it–or allow it–there too?  This is completely without notice or information, and now that I’m asking for it I still can’t get it.

“We’re not doing it, it’s the FAA!”  Unbelievable.

OMG what a question.  Where will I move to?  I don’t think I want to live somewhere where the local government would allow this to happen.

But wait, it is the FAA or DIA, certainly not Jefferson County?

It’s not reinventing the wheel because others have been doing it for about two years.  You don’t even have to buy a form letter on the internet.  It is something you have to do just to say you’re doing something.

What about the FAA?  I guess that’s one of the reasons I often tell people I worked for the federal government in Washington, DC.  Maybe, as a consumer (lawyers know it), I just feel so what, you can fight the federal government too.  In this one they’ve got a lot of egg on their face already and it could come about that Huerta gets canned.  Airlines saving fuel is not everyone’s priority, and besides, he’s a troublemaker.  The battles the FAA is creating is costing everyone time and money and the administration has other transportation plans.

I think it is an unwinnable fight.  I think they are underestimating the will of the people.  People all over the country are not going to give up and most people are not super-fond of airlines anyway.

DIA says it is all FAA.  Not really.  You can’t run an airport without the FAA.  Put another way, you can’t exactly say you don’t know about the FAA  Which leads me to my preferred solution:  move and sue DIA in small claims court.  Just call it a giant discovery process and/or citizen action.  Because I can’t get answers I’ll put them on the stand, be it Kim Day, Scott Morrissey, or whoever; remember, no lawyers.  I just want to hear them explain why they think they have a right to harass me virtually 247 in my home and in my yard.

So, the Jefferson County commissioners, you think they’re to blame?  No, blame isn’t the right word.  I’m very disappointed no one seems to have a clue.  My guess is, the two commissioners I wrote to–I don’t know what the other one does–do care and I will get a reply; I also think Bryan Johnson has some explaining to do.  But can they really do anything?  They’re sure in a better position than I am.  The “landscape” suggests you have a vulnerable opponent, many allies, and lessons that can be learned.  In the meantime, I think you need to inform and show the people you’re trying.

Yep, that’s the solution, sell and recoup.  I’m glad I sat down and figured this out; all the emails sent and received helped.  Need to refresh RE the small claims process anyway.  The evidence is clear and it is specific targeting.  Two per month, $10K limit, can all be done online.  I’ve always said, not being a lawyer can have it advantages.  Who should I start with?  Scott Morrissey?  Bryan Johnson?

I believe in personal responsibility.  If you are contributing you are responsible.

If you want to live next to an airport go ahead.

Ah, consumer behavior…  I’m selling my house because you’re disturbing me.  Pretty powerful weapon, wouldn’t you say?