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Yesterday I looked around the web a bit.  Don’t avoid or repress, I thought, and always try to remember and learn.

The similarities are quite astounding:  both from Baltimore (well, one, Aberdeen); both married non-medical doctors (dentist, vetrenarian); houses for sale; legal harassment to end it; both married long-term local Colorado guys; both wanted simple, obedient husbands; both (prescription) drug or (moderate) mental problems; both broke up, came back, and acted irrational as hell; both couldn’t stand to be friends with a former boyfriend; and finally, and most importantly, I am very glad I did not marry either of them.  They are Kathy Mezei Raabe and Monica Reeger Schlogel Pallaoro.  I feel very sorry for both of them.

Monica Schlogel said “How could she have let you go?”  Then she did the same…

They have so much in common and are both so destructive that it forces me to look inward.  It encourages me to reflect.

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