What I Know

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It is good to be back in the airplane game again because I think I have a solution.  At least I have a course of action.

I’m getting closer to a demand letter.

The legal aspects are challenging, but I know customer satisfaction and there is something very suspicious about D.I.
A.  They have a lot to hide and they are doing it.  Next up we’ll take a look at their website two years after the complaints around her started.

They were all screaming because that is their world (noise).  I’ll refresh their customer satisfaction process in terms of their noise complaint department and their VP of Sustainability.  I’ll see what kind of progress they have made in measurements, community interactions, and all the rest of the things going on that don’t really matter.  I’ll also see what they have done–these actions are only an indicator–in terms of the FAA, who they blame.

“They are designed to fly at 30,000 feet,” he said.  But I digress for now.

The whole thing is a scam reminiscent of American Greed.

Why would they blame the federal government when they are the ones facilitating and allowing it and the FAA says they are responsible?