Pamela Hupp

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1260 Little Brave Drive

O’Fallon, MO

Home of Mark and Pamela Hupp














Now I’m confused.  170 Sumac Drive, Troy, MO130 Sumac Drive.  One of those is or was the Faria home.  Obviously, they are very similar.  [edit:  I think it is 120 Sumac Drive!]

The one above is the home of the murderess Pam Hupp.  She bought a new car and home shortly after the insurance payout.  I believe the house above is the upgraded one.

These are serious row houses.  The pictures are almost misleading in that there is just enough room to make it look like they are not right on top of each other.  In the back it is not open space or woods, there is a privacy fence.  If you subtract 3 bedrooms from 1300 square feet, there is not a lot of space left.  It is not as if it–the space–is outside either.

If it was Florida, or the mountains, or even California it might be worth it.  But this is Missouri.

I don’t mean to be a snob.  This is really middle America.  There are two daughters, both of whom cannot be trusted with the life insurance money, and same goes for husband/father Russ.*  State Farm insurance with the likes of Pamela Hupp is really low level; I don’t know what Russ did.  I do know the area around St. Louis is boring as hell.

* RE the insurance money of $150K.  Apparently Ms. Hupp had at least one other policy also.  If put into a proper trust this money alone would be sufficient to send both girls to college.


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