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Here is a big one–91.3 MB and 183 photos from 2011-12. Slow to create and upload but it works.

The timestamp indicates my old digital camera. 2012. 10/29/12 is the date of the arrest.

This is the best way I have found to help complete the story. The pictures provide the history in chronological order.

PhotoStage Slideshow Producer works well and it is free. You can load large files of images and it easily produces a slideshow. It can handle at least around 200 images and this website will store and display up to around a100mb video–that is pretty good and I’m happy with it.

For a Windows user like me MS OneDrive is the best option. It syncs with my computers and is a simple annual payment of $20 for 100gb. Individual folders can be public and that should be trusted for sharing. But beware! I learned my lesson trying to convert Word files or docx to odt. OpenOffice and Libre Writer on my pc work great; convert to PDF only when finished for best WordPress presentation or cloud public file sharing (or just post an odt but don’t open it with Word).

So far I have found pics back to 2009 and blog posts here back to 2010. I need to go back farther.

No one can claim they don’t know me.