Amazon, Chuwi, and Fraud in General

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I need some hot sauce for the pulled pork barbecue. The kitchen sink drain still needs fixing and the other bathrooms–toilets, sinks, vanities, mirrors, flooring, ceiling–have all sorts of problems. Carpet is on its way from Bruce oak floor tiles are no longer available. I still need an assistant or general contractor for the sliding glass door from Home Depot. Crushed and canned tomatoes are always worth buying and storing.

That is pretty much it for now, except food which I can see and buy locally. Everything else isn’t needed.

I’m set to return to Amazon “free” (i.e., go online, print, drive to UPS store) the wrong size faucet adapter. I’ll return the dumb toe stretchers that probably don’t work also. I’d like to keep the inexpensive oil filter but the engine oil and drain pipe can be purchased elsewhere.

I’m going to, I’m prepared to, cut it off, including the Amazon credit card. I didn’t like them and didn’t use them years ago. I’ll be fine without them again.

I’m tired of their monopoly-creating tactics. It is illegal. I will not be a pawn in their scams. I am actually glad that Amazon trucks are not driving around in my neighborhood.

Yesterday I was reading about Faang stocks–Amazon, Google (Alphabet) and the rest and I disagree with some current buy sentiments. I think Amazon’s best days are behind them. Businesses, categories, and products have life cycles. Consumers are starting to realize and the lawsuits are piling up. I think Amazon’s best days are in the past.

What inspired my awareness? After the jump…

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