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Rare political column with astonishing revelation.  It is rare in the hope it will be buried below quickly.   The astonishing revelation is that I did not vote.

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I think it was a new negative in negative campaigns.  Neither party could field a great candidate.

Going all the way back to Whitewater, Hillary was too scarred; Bill and her age were not pluses either.  Long ago someone said “she is the smartest person in the room.”  What room?  Any room.  That was never her problem.  There will be even more analyses of that–what she didn’t have–elsewhere.  I think it is a long list.  Nonetheless, her experience and general views had me supporting her in the most tacit way possible.

I swear I thought the Trump campaign was a joke.  I still don’t understand how he was nominated by the Republican party and why someone better didn’t rise to the occasion.  He would have been crushed (he’s a smart guy) but I thought maybe Romney would seize the opportunity.  I also cannot yet explain why–except ambition and ego–Trump would even seek the presidency.  Putting aside what I would call an unappealing lifestyle, business, and family, I did not see particular character or vision.  I tried to rationally educate myself on his politics and the issues but got nowhere.  Nothing he said he would do–and now he is the most powerful person in the country–struck a chord with me and I couldn’t see it actually happening anyway.

Now we’ll see.  We’ll see what is behind this exceptional groundswell.

I have never seen polling off this much.  The exit polls will be fascinating.

Here’s what I think.

First, I need to look up that Michigan sports blog that put everything in terms of communist rhetoric.  It was funny as hell.

More than anything, a lot of people are angry and they (cite astonishing revelation from above) elected a dangerous dictator.  I could review facts, like protests and shootings, but the workers are angry.  I guess there are still plenty of them, because the numbers for Trump are amazing, but the demographics are different.  Remember the year 2040, approximately, as that is when whites will no longer be the majority.  Retirees and aging baby-boomers, that’s what I was after; the voting proletariat.

They are angrier and more powerful than I knew.

I can kinda a little bit see how a white supremacist would vote for Trump.  And, unhappy with something, I can see middle-class whites…  I don’t understand why black or Hispanic people would vote for Trump.  My best guess is Hillary Clinton was worse.

P.S.  I learned this mostly from watching the recent OJ Simpson ESPN documentary.  They were interviewing jurors after the acquittal.  “How would you like to spend 240 days in a hotel room?”  But what about the facts?  “I don’t care.”  It was absolutely in your face:  it is my vote and this is what I choose to do with it.

P.P.S.  Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin.  There it is.  White, college-educated and blue collar.

Usually markets like Republicans.  Is it true there is going to be an annex to the White House, with a casino?  This morning Dow futures were down 750 points and, last I checked, calm reigned and the market was up.

It is an old joke:  aside from the murder, was there any violence?  Things have been relatively calm here–I guess, if you pick the right spot–under Obama.  Trump has the House and Senate too.  People are going to start using the word “mandate.”

I’m like the markets.  A wake-up call and a little bit of change never hurt anyone.  I just didn’t know.  When is the next election?