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The Oklahoma Shooter

It is known as the Oklahoma manhunt.  He was caught/killed Sunday Oct. 30.  “Vance had been on the run since Oct. 23 when he allegedly shot two Wellston police officers who are recovering from their injuries, said Wellston Police Chief Tim Estes.”  severe head


Madison Greene’s grandmother, whose daughter was in a relationship with the accused shooter for 16 years, told the Register on Thursday that she worried about Greene’s erratic behavior for years and warned her daughter to stay away from him after they split.


I don’t know why some Trump supporters appear angry.  Angry at what?  More precisely, angry at whom?

I also don’t believe anyone who says everything is is bad and I’m gonna change it.

How, who, what?  I just don’t get it.

Then there is this.  And this is the topper–there is even a name for it, suicide by cop.  I was going to say it is a lot like a suicide bomber.  WTF is wrong with your life?

The page says that Ethan and Owen had two older siblings as well and two older step-brothers.

Once again, it is almost incestuous.  I don’t understand some of these extended families.  But that is not the point.

I have to stop reading the news, or disconnect from the internet.