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You chose soup over a woman?

It was a blog.  And it wasn’t about getting her, it was about not getting her.

I’m very glad I thought about this again.  There was nothing there and I sure don’t want to talk about her ex-husband.

“You don’t know what high-priced lawyers do all day.  Sit around and look for things.  Because I left him.”

Condescending.  Wrong.  Selfish.  Why would anyone put up with that?

One reason is she is so much like me.  OMG it was an infatuation and I think it has worked the other way around too.

Another reason is I really didn’t want to go through it again until, maybe, a time in the future.  That grace period is close to over and I probably wouldn’t read it (am email) anyway.

I’d rather, still, write it here.  That reason includes that there is a post here I’d feel better about if I resurrect it.  Found it, Nostalgia, 7/31/16.

The final reason is I just didn’t realize she was that pathetic beaten-down.    1) inability to love.  2) you need to take responsibility for, and solve, your problems.


That was weird.

Pretty terrible and it doesn’t really say anything; just says I took a lot of time to write it down.  But the first three snippets, I was outdone.

How does actually spending  time together change that?

We did.  It doesn’t.

But that’s still my favorite part, the beginning.


Yes, I’m really glad I revisited this.  I knew why I dressed=down, didn’t get a haircut, and never really took it seriously.  I just had to remind myself.  I did write “And now I really want to meet you” but it wasn’t for the reasons you’d think.