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If Trump is impeached, does that mean there is going to be a women’s march every week?  Ha ha.

You just have to figure James Comey is going to have information at his disposal and he is going to know how to use it.  Remember J. Edgar Hoover and his files?  Regardless.  He is a bit constrained because obviously he can’t say anything classified, but he is going to talk and everyone will listen.  He’s going to go before Congress.  Even if he is a prissy little bitch or whatever names are floating around, it isn’t a wise move.

OMG the markets tumbled because of him.  Well, they didn’t exactly go up because of him either and it is hard to believe investors in Japan, Hong Kong, or London really care that much.  Everyone knew some kind of correction was coming.

He is still feeling his ground and sooner or later he may admit that he doesn’t know everything.  I just need for him to stay in office long enough to fire everyone at the FAA.

Anyway, back to our story.  Nixon fired Archibald Cox on October, 20 1973 which led to a bunch of job openings and difficulty filling them.  On August 8, 1974 Nixon resigned.  It doesn’t look good.

No, the Trump Tower was not bugged because you had your own private server.  Putin is the richest man in the world and a few bribes here and there for a Trump anything makes sense on its own, let alone if there is corroborating evidence which will almost certainly turn up.  Evidence?  Almost certainly?

Almost certainly now that everyone’s looking.  We’ll start with the former FBI director’s personal notes.