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First email

Hi Archie Leach,

We’re neighbors…. that’s a really good thing.

I don’t have kids, which makes everything so much less complicated. I don’t have a hovering, stalking ex-something, so that makes me available.

I was told by a guy on POF that I was too available, whatever that means. And, I do have time, resources and desire to put everything into relationship. Connection is the most important thing to me. Sounds like you feel similarly.

I really like your open smile. Want to meet at Muddy Buck for coffee?


Second email

Hi Archie,

Sounds grand to me. . . and I have one caveat, I’m rehearsing for the upcoming opening of Billy Elliot, the musical – we’re performing here in Evergreen at Center Stage, right next to the Lariat Lounge. We open in a couple of weeks, so I have less time than usual until we open. I’ll be rehearsing in the evenings during the week. Friday’s, Saturday afternoon/evenings and Sundays are open.

My work schedule is really flexible too – so I have free time during the days. Here’s my number: 303.589.5456. Feel free to call and we can schedule that coffee. And it can be an hour coffee, or an hour coffee and a walk around the lake, or an hour coffee and a walk around the lake and a stop off for a beer afterwards….so many options because, we are completely unsupervised. ;)


Third/last email

Hi Peter,

Your email came in today. So, your emailing technique works.

I’ll look forward to our finding a time to get together.


The set-up, and then the scam.

Misandry is not a word I wanted to learn.

In terms of the rules, “racism, bigotry, hatred of any kind against any individual.”