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I used to be a truck driver delivering Coke in Detroit.  It was a Summer job and I got the worst routes and worst trucks, we’re talking West Grand Boulevard in Detroit, and the huge wads of cash were absolutely visible in my trousers.  The safes in the trucks did not work.  I was a Teamster!  I made a lot of money in a few months.

I was never robbed.  Soda (we called it pop) was stolen as well as maybe a few rolls of coins (we were paid with those too), but I never had a serious encounter.

Anyway, my goal was to get out of there and home as quickly as possible.  But if I did it every day for years I would have a different outlook.

I understand, just a little, the FedEx guys and others lounging under a tree.  That is a small price to pay for living in a nice place.

But this is different.  This is about corruption, and we’ll get to that in a while too.

The dog ordinance is a simple thing.  It was enacted (renewed) in 2015.  It is available to all very easily.

It has been simplified and strengthened since it began.  It has teeth.

Animal Control is a name, scapegoat, and subsidiary of Sheriff Ted Mink Jeff Shrader.  All of this goes back to Shrader under Mink.  Shrader, as chief of patrol, led the infamous trespassing/criminal tampering crusade.

Here is a picture of my backyard.

Note the utility wires way up on the left above my neighbor’s fence.  I was arrested (summons) on fabricated charges of tampering with them.

In the biggest picture possible it is the same as the FedEx truck snoozing under the willow trees.  However in this case they are Sheriff Shrader’s deputies.

And here is the dog at large just to the right.  The deputies are responding to a 911–crime in progress–call, this time at a public park.  Soon after the deputies left without getting out of the giant SUVs.  They did nothing about the motorcyclist (throughout the day) or the U-haul trailer either.  The angry homeowner yelling at me from their frontyard is yet another part of the story.

They did not return with two subsequent calls over the next several hours.

Per the ordinance the director of Animal Control is in charge.  Note the word “Sheriff” at the top of the form.  Read further in “Animal Control Officer” and the definition referring-back to that of a sheriff’s deputy.  Anyway, the animal control director reports to the sheriff.

The animal control director is not without blame.  The woman I spoke with during a subsequent, repeat, dangerous offender on 4/11/19 is the same woman at Animal Control who usually says “What do you want us to do, give them a warning?”  I’ll go back and read it again, but I do not recall anything in the ordinance about a warning.

This is when I have to start using the word conspiracy, but much more on that, the laws, the E.P.R.D. and myriads of past history either later in this post or in another.  For now the solution is a Mandamus Claim Under C.R.C.P. 106(a)(2).  It is not an ordinary skill for a non-lawyer but it is not that difficult either.  Because of the above, 4/27/19 I know have twenty-eight more days.

For now I’ll just say this seems like a clear directive from the board of commissioners.

I’ll start the review of law here:  entrapment is not a crime unless the victim is actually entrapped.  That is what they are trying to do as a department.  That is how they operate.  “Thugs” is another word.

As I’m sitting here watching the cars go by at 40-50 miles an hour I remind myself also that I have it better than most.  Mine is a cul-de-sac!  But cars going that fast


This is where, I need to start at the beginning.  The need for secrecy and cover-ups.  “You’ve been told 20 times!” Taborsky shouted.  I’ve never seen anything in writing nor a logical legal explanation.  And that is just the point, you deciding is not the way it works.


Long ago I wondered, why does the Jefferson County Sheriff’s department make it so hard to report a crime in the first place?  Where are all the email addresses and forms?  Why no direct phone numbers?  Now I believe the real reason is cover-up, but then I thought it was just terrible service to the public.

The laws…  A key one is Unlawful Conduct on Public Property.  There is a law for everything that is going on at Stagecoach Park and in El Pinal more generally.  The generally part comes from the fact EPRD brought it but that doesn’t count for everything.  C.R.S. 18-9-117 is there for the exact reason that, if you do it it is bad, but if you do it on public property it is worse.  And this is worse than just an empty building, this is place people go to specifically because it is park.  There-in lies part of Jeff Shrader’s problem:  Animal Control, the catch-all to deal with anything animal, and therefore scary and unknowable (e.g., dogs) plus far beneath us is untouchable.  Animal control officers are not “sworn” and therefore cannot “write” such a criminal code ticket.  Mr. Shrader, who is in charge, will make the blame-the-other excuse.

The sheriff in Colorado has complete departmental control.  He or she has hire and fire authority.  He or she is responsible for every action by every subordinate.  Are there protections?  Yes.  Over time they breakdown when you can prove intent, repetition, and “backward bodycams” (i.e., lots of email, video, etc. evidence), etc.  It is especially suspect in instances of intimidation and harassment.  Another thing:  public safety is at stake.  But the personal harassment (a caller ID blocked number at 5:45 AM, banging repeatedly on front door) add a personal liability dimension.

Ultimately I would think when safety is involved they would do it.  But they will not budge.  That is indeed the purpose of the quasi-mandamus law.  In this case they will not do anything.  Remember, Evergreen is a sanctuary, and something we know nothing about?  But therein lies the key:  they are the only ones who can do it.

EPRD laws.  I’ll be very curious how they have changed with a re-read.  Basically, a special district in Colorado can or cannot have a ranger for a park.  More politics.  At one point Shrader’s minions called it a private park (as if there is such a thing).  If they understood it, which I don’t think they do, they would say we are not going to do it for you.  We don’t have to do it either is of course the EPRD’s stance.  We don’t have to do anything!  That is where the fraudulent signs come in.  Anyway, the Mandamus action will clarify a lot of things.

The action is before a district judge.  Venue is an issue.

In terms of power the county board of commissioners is ultimately responsible for public safety and ordinances like dogs running loose and speed limits.  Somewhere along the line they will be notified of the coming court action.  OMG they will bribe the judge!  Just kidding.  The major point here is I have seen major rifts between the board and the sheriff; the board controls money and the sheriff always wants more.  Through the budget the board has the power to enforce almost anything.  The sheriff is elected and has discretion.  But the major, major point is they will claim we are busy, don’t have the peoplepower, etc. when that is not the case.  They refuse, for ideological or other reasons.  Evidence over 20 years proves this.

The Mandamus claim is just a first step.  Punitive, civil phases will follow.  The major, major, major issue is the continued attempts to stop me from reporting crimes.

Corruption and fraud are big words.  Later I’ll mention state and federal statutes.

Intentionally putting someone in danger?  That will come out.


Dogs at large.  I’m glad I reread the ordinance.  That is what it is.  People drive there to let their dogs run everywhere while they talk on a cellphone.  Or play baseball.  Dogs encroaching, I’m gonna report that too.  I cannot believe I cannot even go in my backyard.  I didn’t even know.  This picture was taken before, honest!


Here is another example of fraudulent signage or what not to teach the kids:

“It happens everywhere.”  I am not going to say who said that.


This is under construction.  Many other laws to discuss here:

obstruction of justice


falsifying public documents

abuse of power

conspiracy is already mentioned; if you are given an illegal order, do not obey it.


Affirmative action.  The hiring policies and history of the sheriff’s department appear to be abysmal.  With the exception of one woman who is just as bad, all of the perpetrators appear to be older, white males.


Crime Statistics.