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It is an interesting case,,

and this account differs from Wiki.

Trump has been wrong before and will again.  Sometimes people need to be tough even if it is unconscionable, like maybe generals, but not retired generals.

You don’t release someone and then go back and torture and kill them.  Even if your job is to fight, weed out, and investigate, you don’t do it on your own.

He was convicted and he received what seems like a fair prison term.  The after-prison constraints seem unfair, but I guess they go along with being a felon.

What struck me is he was just two years out of college.  They made him a lieutenant and group leader.  It is an awful position to be in, but he chose it.  Then he overstepped it.

As for the former generals, politicians, and others, they should see the bigger picture.  You are not going to win in another country if you go around murdering and torturing people.