The Tab Trials

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RCA 10.1” Walmart Special

They are now selling it for $129 and “RCA” (whatever that means) lists it as having a $199 MSRP.

Pop-up ads (e.g., Amazon! and chromebook) are bizarre and extremely unwanted.  Even after researching it I still don’t know what VUDU is or why it keeps opening.  These are problems I am used to with Android.  Maybe I can solve them.


NextBook 8

Finally, an affordable Windows tablet.  Still waiting for the micro USB cable…  (This one has a micro hdmi port instead of a mini hdmi.  This appears to be a reason almost everything else has mini—the micro does not stay fastened well and this is a drawback for the “computer.”)

It has to be at least #2 because it is Windows.  I know it and prefer it, especially because Android has disappointed me for home use.  With a quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, and 16 GB “hard drive” (careful, Windows is bigger than Android) it is a full-fledged computer and 8.1 is Window’s newest.  Problem with a video or just about any other function?  Import your favorite software from your desktop or laptop computer.  It is still $99 at Walmart.

The market has not changed much and for its features it is still probably the best buy out there.  win tab state as of 12-15-14The 8” screen makes it barely useable in terms of fingers and the many features MS has crammed-in.  Do you really want it for your uses?  For what, to replace a desktop or laptop?  It has bluetooth, HDMI, and USB so that makes it capable of many uses; plus, unlike Android, it easily connects to a Win 7 wifi network.








Visual Land Prestige 7

I don’t know if it is the Android 4.0-ish operating system or what, but this never worked right for me.  Admittedly it was at least half my doing but…

The my-doing part includes trying to use a browser (instead of apps) which the device is not really made for.  Another mistake is downloading and storing files rather than doing things online; this can be overcome with effort, but it isn’t the easiest way to use these devices.  The final thing I didn’t do right was expecting perfect video file playing—size, audio sync, and hiding the screen when connected to a tv all proved to be problems.

That said, this product has been a disappointment.

Double Power 7


Vulcan Challenger II



It is important to consider why you want to use these.  Playing around is…  fun but.  For me it is usually playing videos.  I have computers, a camera, and a cell phone for other things.  With that said, connectivity, e.g., hdmi and bluetooth, means these tablets can be used in many different ways.