Lesley Dahlkemper

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Politics isn’t in a good place these days. The best hope is that the lawyers will ratchet up the anxiety enough so that he will die a few years sooner. No Trump would be a start.

I am going to take the position that, while all are bad, some are worse than others. With that in mind, my outbound letterbox is going to feature Ms. Dahlkemper. I don’t see Donald Rosier as likely and he was a disgrace during the tenure that he quit anyway. And, Polis is going to win.

This, per the official ballot that I looked at today. I knew about sheriff. That is an even blacker hole.

My activities–the box of letters–has nothing to do with politics. For me, politics is musing like this blog. I rarely participate and I can’t do anything about it anyway. Jeffco is corrupt as hell. Where I live is still better than most places. Colorado politics in general are a decent fit for me.

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