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Since I cannot embed just a link, I will let what is above stand.

I am modestly bearish, and it is not because I want to be contrarian. It does relate to my dislike and distrust of Trump. It has more to do with fact that I do not see how the gains can continue.

I hate being a wimp. Maybe it makes sense given my age, but I dislike being down to 50% stocks.

I don’t know how anyone, including Trump and the federal government which unfortunately he controls lock, stock and barrel, can micromanage every sector of the economy.

Does 2018 offer a clue?

The Dow was down slightly in 2015. The S&P and Nasdaq were down a small amount last year. The Nasdaq, i.e., a lot of the growth, has gone bonkers since the 2008 recession.

The trouble is, the figures above do not include this year. The Nasdaq is up over 33%.

Personally, when my portfolio started to hit the mid twenties in terms of growth this year, I sold. When it hit 25% I exchanged more in stock funds to cash. Not bonds, cash.

I am now sitting on more cash in my IRA than I have ever held in my life.

So far today the U.S. market is up another 1%. It is fun to sit here and watch what is left of my stock portfolio rise.

Maybe I will buy on the dips. I am comfortable with all that cash because I still don’t trust Trump.

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