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So much to write about. There’s the McGuffin below. That is crazy. Who ever heard of a 10-2 manslaughter conviction? Besides, isn’t a mcguffin…

Yes, that’s right.

Then we are visiting Rocky Top, Tennessee. Knoxville, I think. It is sure to be a lesson in diction and spelling. Here it is. Ouch. Look at that carport. Stupid.

“The man’s crazy, and every time we try to get something done about it, the cops just slap him on the wrist and say, “Well, you just got to look over George, he’s crazy.”‘

I have been writing about law and liability. I believe this is liability. I also think it is about as hard to explain as narcissism — hard to understand for sure, but also something you don’t want to learn.

Which reminds me:

Who can argue with an abstract construct?

Finally, we will tackle this.

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