The Mormon Murders

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This is an editorial. Everything here is an editorial.

I am not a fan of these people with dual citizenships. I think often there is an attempt to have the best of both worlds without paying a price for it and without really accepting either fully.

I am also not a fan of Mormon or religious proselytizing. Nor am I a fan of colonization.

It is colonization of the mind.

The Mormons who began moving to Mexico in the 1890’s when the U.S. began cracking-down on polygamy were not ordinary settlers. Joseph Smith traveled the area personally and helped choose land and the church purchased approximately 100,000 acres for a planned community of settlements.

Colonization is a bad thing. Look up the definition. Even better, read about King Leopold II and the Congo Free State.

Women are and should be capable of determining for themselves. But colonizing women and children is equally bad. They are fleeing and controlling at the same time. Doing it among druglords is horrendous.

Here is another one. It is not inevitable, but it is not a surprise either. I wish I could find the professor’s link saying “I am surprised it did not happen earlier.”

O.K., let’s write about it. First we’ll start with a rehash of the history and the gore. Then we can move to statements surrounding the inability or unwillingness of the government to a rebuke of the rich, drug-addicted Americans. Finally, we will end with sympathy for the protesters and fighters.

It is all academic, it has been said before, and it is pointless.

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