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A search of Turner’s phone records showed the device had been primarily at the home from March 1 to March 5. On March 5, the day officers say they found an open window and questioned the neighbor, her phone left the house for most of the day. On March 6, her cell “left the area of her home and appeared never to return,” the warrant said. 
On March 7, Turner’s cell phone was turned off and has not been turned back on since. 
Police obtained Burchard’s phone records March 12. They showed no outgoing calls or text messages after March 3. According to the warrant, police believe he was killed between March 3 and 6. 
Turner did not report her car stolen and appeared to have gone into hiding, according to the warrant.
“Therefore, based on the fact that Burchard came to Las Vegas with the intent to visit Turner, Burchard was found murdered in Turner’s vehicle, and there was evidence of a clean-up at Turner’s residence, there is probable cause to believe Turner was involved in Burchard’s death,” the warrant concludes. 

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This woman and her then-boyfriend are fried.

The language above is biased. It is leading. It is not objective; it is not two-sided. It is not well written.

All of those are somewhat off-base. There is something wrong with it. One detective’s name is tied to it. Maybe that is it. No, that is not it either. But it is true.

Let me see, she already has two kids and she is pregnant…

Two things are different about this case. First, everything–the missing person reports, home/crime scene, and the body–solved the case almost immediately. Although the one accomplice has squealed, this is not a case where someone or something outside the police force had to come forward to solve it. It is not a case where a dead body was found by a hiker ten years later. This is one where everything was in the “authorities” laps right from the beginning.

That is why the leading writing is out of place. “Turner did not report her car stolen and appeared to have gone into hiding.” That is leading. If you dissect writing you can see it. I think it is common in police reports, and mentalities.

The pictures of Kelsey Turner are interesting. She looks worried. And she should be.

The second thing that pops-out is how stupid they are. Once again, it is this phenomenon of I am going to kill someone in my living room and get away with it.

Overall, the case has things that are worth watching. But we need video these days! The victim appears to be an awfully naive helper. The dumbshit father has a gofundme campaign because the daughter could never do it. There’s the mother, the roommate, the “long-time girlfriend,” the ex-wife, and probably more. The string of boyfriends seems especially sleazy. And, it was desperate, criminal, poor and jobless people who kill for money.

Who is the father and what will happen to the child born in prison?

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