The Events of Tuesday 1/4/14

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At 12:30 Trooper Lewis of the CSP called (returned my call).  Sgt. Baker was also on the line.  Per Mr. Baker the “we’re under contract” thing ( communicated to me by Cpl. Joe Hurt and “Trp White) was bogus.  The conversation was productive but one thing in particular is very bothersome:  Sgt. Baker indicated it is the responsibility of the EPRD (special district/county state oversight) to report crime on “their” property.  I will have more on this in another post.

Over the past several days it has been cold and has snowed.  I have noticed continued—the same—car activity in the parking lots.  There has been no enforcement by the EPRD or Jefferson County Sheriff’s department.  This problem has been reported numerous times by me and others.

At 11:00 I noticed the same dog, off leash, running around throughout the park, that I have seen dozens of times.  There was law enforcement response.  I have pictures.  This person seems to do this virtually every day around 10:30 to 11:00.

At 1:25 I saw a different man with two dogs running all over the little league field.  I took pictures.  Again, there was no enforcement.

At 1:28 the same person (the first time, above) was at it again.  I did not take pictures this time.

At 4:45 I noticed three cars, with lights on, doing all kinds of skidding and figure-eights in the closed Albertson’s parking lot (Hwy 74 and Stagecoach Road).  This too happens frequently and has been reported before.  There were no patrols or intervention by law enforcement.  At 5:20 I reported it to the sheriff’s department (as well as the dogs and park traffic violations/danger/defacement); the dispatch operator argued with me and said all animals are the domain of animal control (not accurate per statutes/ordinances).  There was no response by the sheriff’s department.  At 5:30 I reported the parking lot incident to the CSP and asked that it be brought to the attention of Sgt. Baker.  I did not see a response by them either.

It is necessary to note that this was a cold day and, per the CSP dispatch employee, there were a number of accidents when I called.  But this has been ongoing for years.  There needs to be a permanent solution.  I would further add that it is a waste of resources to continually report and respond.  Why not take action and attempt to stop it?  This is a small community and these are the same/repeat offenders.  Punitive action will likely have a huge impact.