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From ScribFire.  This is a test to see if ScribeFire will wrap text.  Don’t know why but text wrapping is very important to me.  It has to look just right.  Strange that the picture keeps moving….

So now, to continue wrapping.  Maybe this will work, simply putting the image on the right and typing.  Why didn’t I think of that?

This is an old one, the beast at my window.  Beast!

A rating of a bunch of blog editors:

Here’s another top blog editor list.   I like Windows Live Writer a lot but it doesn’t have many features.

CONCLUSION:  Windows Live Writer is the best.  Across the web, people really like it.  Great image capabilities.

6344337632C2DB6DC.pngNow, to try left.  That was easy too, except for the spacing or padding.  Nope!  Got that right too.

And it is Jessminda!

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